How Porchfest Works

Check back next year for information on how to sign up to perform or to host a performance.

Host a porch performance.

offer to perform.


Dunleath Porchfest relies on the goodwill and hospitality of our neighbors and on performers in our community.  Neighbors offer their porches as performance venues, local musicians and performers volunteer their talents, and we pair the two.

Host a Porch Performance

Porch hosts agree to:

  • provide their porch as a performance venue for one 15-45 minute performance between 12 noon and 4 pm

  • place a Porch Host sign in their yard prior to the event

  • be on-site for the duration of their porch performance

  • put out a trash can and recycle bin for the duration of the performance

  • keep the performance to its assigned time

  • put out a tip jar during the performance

Porch hosts are provided with:

  • a Porch Host sign to be placed in the yard prior to the performance through event day

  • bottled water for the performers

  • A tip jar for the performers

  • a list of event-day procedures, FAQ's, and contact information

  • printed event maps to distribute to guests

  • A prepared script to welcome guests and introduce performers

Offer to Perform

One of the goals of Dunleath Porchfest is to celebrate the richness and talents of local performing artists in our community.  This is where you come in! Musicians and performers of all types are welcome to participate. Bands, ensembles, solo acts, dancers -- the more genres and variety, the better!

Performers agree to:

  • A freely-given, 15-45 minute performance

  • Provide all equipment, sound systems, extension cords, chairs, etc., needed.

  • Connect with designated porch hosts after receiving assignments to coordinate the logistics of the performance.

  • Perform only during the assigned time.

  • Play at a sound level respectful to the neighbors and/or other performers nearby. Think of the venue as the space between the house and the curb and adjust for that.

  • Help spread the word via social media and inviting your fans and followers

Performers are provided with

  • Electricity, if needed, at the assigned porch

  • Bottled water

  • A tip jar to place during your performance

  • Complimentary Dunleath Porchfest t-shirts for each person performing at the event. (This year’s t-shirts will include a listing of all participating performers who sign up by the April 15 deadline!)

Participation FAQ's

Can I choose my time to host or perform?

The short answer is no. Scheduling performances throughout the neighborhood with many factors in mind requires careful logistical planning.

Why just one performance per porch?

There are two major reasons for this: 1) we want our guests to roam our neighborhood to enjoy our hospitality and the diverse architecture; 2) to allow our porch hosts the opportunity to take advantage of roaming the neighborhood to enjoy the performances.

Donate to Porchfest

Porchfest brings our neighbors and the community together for an afternoon of fun and goodwill. Neighbors offer their porches, local performers volunteer their talents, food vendors participate without paying a fee, canned goods are collected for a local food pantry, and admission is free and open to all. However, there are components of the event which require funding -  portable toilet rental, items for children's activities, fun giveaways, t-shirts and bottled water (which are complimentary to all performers), etc. T-shirt and bottled water sales help offset some of these costs, but we still need your help to continue to bring this event to the community. If you'd like to make a financial contribution to Dunleath Porchfest, please click the link below. Thank you!