Dunleath Porchfest began in 2017 as a way for our neighbors to:

  • come together for a fun-filled social event

  • invite the community beyond our neighborhood borders to enjoy our hospitality and the architectural styles of the homes in our historic neighborhood

  • highlight the rich and diverse talents within our community

  • promote community goodwill

Additionally, it was a way for the neighborhood to introduce its new name -- the Dunleath Historic District -- as it had previously been known as the Charles B. Aycock Historic Neighborhood. Our first-ever event resulted in an outpouring of support from neighbors, performers, and the greater community in a way which far exceeded our expectations. Twenty-two neighbors offered their porches, and twenty-four musicians and dancers volunteered to perform. Following the event, we received numerous positive responses from performers, porch hosts, neighbors, and attendees, with everyone looking forward to participating the next year. Thus, a new annual neighborhood and community event was born!